The Top Australian Pokies Online: Microgaming Games

When it comes to listing the best Australia online slots, it’s best to turn to experienced players. In other words, listen to the players who made it around the block more than once or twice. The following two slot machines are among the best, if not the best, from Microgaming.

Game of Thrones

Its benefits are based on the popular TV show, but Game of Thrones slot also includes original music and video intro. Basically, it feels like being part of something really big. The design is simply fantastic, and it doesn’t disappoint when it comes to winning prizes.


The basic symbols are grouped into the four main families and high cards of the story. The scatter symbol is represented by the Iron Throne, and when two appear on either reel, a special scatter bonus is awarded. If three or more appear, you will be taken to the Free Spins game. Here you have to choose one of 4 houses, each with its own advantages. Finally there is the wild symbol, which is the hallmark of Game of Thrones. Note that this is also a Stacked Wild and will significantly increase your winnings.


This is really the game changer for this slot, as it all boils down to a coin toss, as the name suggests. It’s pretty much a double or nothing scenario. It’s up to you whether you want to keep your winnings safe, or gamble recklessly and double them up.

Loose Cannon

For you pirates, Loose Cannon is the game for you. Unlike most online slot machines, this one has a storyline. Using your ship, the Loose Canon, you must explore the seven seas in search of problems. What’s more, you must find as much gold as your ship can hold. The slot machine has become very popular due to its colorful graphics and fun characters.


As you’d expect from this fun cartoon-themed slot machine, the symbols represent what life looks like. Basic symbols are represented by objects such as pistols, squids, monkeys, crabs and even the occasional girl. The symbols you really want to see are the compass and the canon, as these represent scatter and wild. The scatter symbol gets you free spins, while the wild symbol in the middle of the third reel triggers the bonus feature.


As mentioned in the previous paragraph, the cannon is in the middle of the third reel when the wild symbol appears and starts to go crazy. Basically, it shoots random symbols and turns them into wilds. As you can imagine, getting this in Free Spins mode can greatly affect your overall winnings.


This is Australia’s top 2 online slots from Microgaming, which means that both slots incorporate the “243 ways to win” concept. In other words, it makes traditional slot machines look like amateurs when it comes to gambling. Also keep an eye out for other popular slots like Cashonova.