Here are some standard Bitcoin Dice strategies (and some more exotic strategies) to try. Be careful with some of these. You could see substantial losses if you’re not paying attention.

Dice Martingale

Martingale is where you double your bet after each loss. On a win you reset to the original bet again. The thought here is that as your losses grow, your wagers outgrow to cover the losses. If your original wager is 0.02, then this will be the bet after each win.

Through exponential betting after losses, your bankroll can be depleted very quickly. Let’s say you have a bad loosing streak. Your bet growth, and losses, would grow very quickly: -0.02, -0.04, -0.08, -0.16, -0.32, -0.64, -1.28. In just a couple rolls (7 to be exact), your next wager have to be 2.56 and so your cumulative losses so far are -1.27. The probability of a very long run of losses is equal to the probability of a long run of winning. Bad luck can last far longer than your bankroll.

Reverse Martingale

The Martingale System is very popular and used almost universally, but since no one has an unlimited bankroll, you can reverse the system to minimize overall loses. The Reverse Martingale System is also referred to as the Anti-Martingale. In this system, you double your bets each time you win, rather than when you lose. This will extend your stake as you will mostly be wagering out of your winnings, as opposed to doubling your loses.

Grand Martingale

The Grand Martingale is the Martingale System on steroids. It works just like the standard Martingale System with a little extra to attempt to increase your take. As seen above, the final bet is 1.28 to try and cover losses of 1.27. In the Grand Martingale System, we don’t just double, we put on a little bit more, such as 25%, so that when you win, you are making some profit and not just covering your losses.

This really increases your bets during runs of losses and the extremely large amounts can easily wipe out your bank roll. Be very careful here.

One Half Up

The One Half Up system, also called the 50% System, is where your wager is increased by half of the original bet after winning a hand, like in the Reverse Martingale. This system will slow down the progression of bets increasing in value and can help better manage your bankroll.


Paroli is less risky version of the Reverse Martingale, but instead of taking the winning streaks to their conclusion, they return to the original bet amount at either a loss or after 3 wins in a row, which will also limit the take on a winning run.