Alkemor’s Tower – New 3D Pokie

Betsoft proves once again why they are in a class of their own when it comes to 3D slots. After browsing our extensive list of free slots and taking the time to play a few, come closer and read more about Alkemor’s Tower. This is Betsoft’s latest creation, and it involves more magic than most people can handle.

Alkemor’s Tower

If you enjoy the supernatural side of life with a little science, you will be impressed by Alkemor’s Tower. But first the basics of the game. It offers 243 ways to win and is based on a 5-reel system. As far as wagering is concerned, the minimum amount that can be allocated to a coin is 2 cents and can go as low as $1. 30 coins per bet, $30 max is not bad either.

Due to the excellent graphics of the slot machines, it can be difficult to pinpoint what first catches your attention. Betsoft may be the undisputed king when it comes to 3D slots, and they show no mercy in this game. Authenticity and atmosphere immerse you in the magical world.

Symbols are represented by various magical items such as gems, scrolls, jewelry, etc. If you land three matching symbols on the same row on reel 1, you win an amount equal to the symbol’s value. But that’s not what makes this slot so special. It comes with a bunch of fantastic bonuses, and it even has a multiplier.

The rewards are divided into four elemental spells, namely water, earth, fire and wind. Each spell has a different effect on what you might win. The books cover the first two scrolls, while the elemental potions cover the third. The rest of the scrolls change according to the spell. For example, the water spell turns the first book symbol into a random symbol. Earth Spell removes and replaces all non-wild symbols. Air reshuffles all wilds, and fire can spawn wilds on screen.

Basically all of these spell combinations have great potential to win big money, but there are many more. Two book symbols along with vines or stars take players to one of two bonus games. These bonus games give you 10 or more free spins.

All in all, Alkemor’s Tower is one of the best slots of the year for several reasons. The combination of fantastic graphics, sounds, themes and fantastic bonuses give this slot a boost that is currently unmatched. But be sure to check out some of the free slots we offer on the main site, as it also includes some 3D slot games.