Never underestimate team you bet against

Firstly, I’d like to say that it is very popular in e-sport betting, that people bet on their favorite team / team they like more. I won’t say it’s a bad idea, but you must never underestimate the team you are betting AGAINST. NEVER. I know you do it to have fun, but it’s also money we are talking about. You must realise that you team can be out or form, or the other team is simply better, so read some analysis about the match, or do it yourself. Even if the odds on the team you bet against are very high, it’s always just one game. One single game, and everything can happen.

Never go All-in

Worst thing you can do is to bet everything you have on account at 1 match. You must remember the most important rule in betting ALL-IN = ALL-GONE. I know you’ve had a feeling that Origen will beat Roccat, but you must realise, that everything can happen, and analyse, is it worth to bet this game, for so much, or maybe I should divide my betting amount and place a bet on some other match.

Never bet on odds under 1.1

It’s very popular, especially in combi bets to increase you potential winning on low odd bets. DON’T do it. The amount you can win isn’t worth all the money you can lose. Remember – you win just up to 10% more on low odd bets, but you can lose everything. We all know that surprise is a part of e-sport world, so don’t risk on a chance of low winnings.

Bet only amount you can afford to lose

Never bet more, than you can afford to lose! It’s meant to be fun, not to leave you with debts, so you should make yourself a limit, for example: “I afford to lose 10$/month, and I wont deposit more than it”. Always keep up to your limits, and never change the decision you’ve made before.

Everything is in your head so bet carefully and good luck!