Mirror Magic Online Pokie Review

Get ready to experience real magic with the online slot game Mirror Magic. Renowned slot machine developer Genesis has come up with a game that will hook you from the moment you start spinning the reels. Discover how a beggar can become king, which also means higher cash rewards.

Mirror Magic

This is indeed a rags-to-riches story, but don’t think the graphics are too good to be true. With a sombre atmosphere and haunting music, the slot machines capture the essence of fairy tales. The fortune-telling symbol is a symbol that unlocks transitions through which other symbols return to the character’s original king.

The slot machine is based on a system with 5 reels and 25 paylines and the main purpose is to trigger the bonus round. This happens when three or more scatter symbols appear on the reels, the fortune teller. The bonus round gives you 20 free spins, which is pretty generous, but there are two things that make the anticipation all the more worthwhile. First, you can retrigger the bonus round by getting 3 more scatter symbols. Second, all symbols of low income, such as beggars, become kings. This means that they pay the same as the high-paying symbols, which retain their value.

This is the achievement mechanism of the game. However, this is its only major function. You get a set of reels in the base game, which are low-paying and Bad Guy symbols, and during the bonus round, new reels come with new high-paying symbols. There is also a wild symbol, but the game doesn’t really expand beyond that.

Players will still find the payoffs of the base game not too low, and getting winning combinations in the bonus round is a bit difficult. Mirror Magic lacks bonus features compared to other online slots, while Genesis could have added some anticipation. What they do here is change the dynamics of the bonus round, as usually bonus rounds allow more wins, but the symbols tend to pay a little less.

If you want to play Mirror Magic, you should definitely play at an online casino that accepts AUS currency. The two biggest advantages of using local currency are that you don’t have to wait for an exchange and you save money. The switch brings additional deposit and withdrawal times. Switching will also cost you money, so think twice.

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