Fireworks Pokie by Realistic Games

Realistic Games is a developer known for classic online slot machine designs. Those who are free to play will realize that their newest slot machine is a step in the right direction. Like most developers, they push the boundaries of comfort and take risks. We are very happy to announce Fireworks as a trial version that can make it a very popular online slot machine. Here are the facts and what you need to know.


Unlike previous Realistic slot machine designs, this one fits the entire screen. This is definitely one of their most colorful slots, offering a very unique approach that you don’t see very often, but we’ll get to that later. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have the best graphics in the world, but they put a lot of emphasis on the gaming experience. In other words, they aim to thrill players with generous winning combinations.

Fireworks is based on a 5 reel, 10 payline system, and while it is based on fireworks, the symbols are represented by diamonds for rubies and even the lucky number 7. The red exploding firework is a wild symbol, while the Catherine wheel is used as a scatter symbol. If you land two or more last symbols, the screen will change and you will be rewarded with fireworks. When the fireworks go off on the reels, you will see a message that you have entered the free spins mode. During the free spins mode, the sounds and colors will be very different.

Now, the feature that makes this new online slot game truly unique is the Fireworks Fund. This money is used for different things and as you play you will see it grow. In fact, every time you don’t land a winning combination, 20 points are added. Can you think of another slot machine that adds points every time you lose? You can also increase your bankroll by getting the Fireworks Fund symbol for an extra 10 credits.

But the best is yet to come, as the bonus game goes off like fireworks. The amount of bonuses you can add to your total depends on how well you can please your fans. It takes place in London, and when you first enter the bonus round, you have to please 10 people. But every time you reach the bonus round, you have to please a bigger sum. How do you please a crowd? Well, it’s all up to you, as you have to choose the show and finance it through the Fireworks Fund. Basically, it all comes down to the monitor you choose and the amount you invest.

In our personal opinion, the Fireworks Fund and the bonus round are definitely game changers. Realistic has not only transitioned to full screen play, but has also raised the bar on all popular online slot machines.