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BloodyCase is a csgo gambling site where you can win cool skins with your skins, money you've deposited, and promo codes. It's mostly about opening cases, but it also has a couple of other game modes.

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  • Very affordable cases
  • Clean site layout
  • Provably fair system
  • Giveaways


  • Can’t withdraw balance as cash

Sobre el Casino

Revisión de BloodyCase

Like most things, the popularity of games peaks before waning over time until it is forgotten. Games by Valve like DOTA 2 and Counter-Strike seem to defy this law and live forever. As a result, digital skins and cosmetics for Valve titles are in high demand and can command astronomical amounts.

This implies many CSGO skin frauds, just like there are with anything else regarding money or valuables online. We’re investigating at BloodyCase to determine if it’s reputable or just another money-grabbing scheme so you don’t get duped with fake trades.

Juegos ofrecidos

Tradeup Contracts

Like in the game, you can put in 10 items and get back a random item. Depending on what you put in, the game gives you a range of prices for the item you will get back. It is a great way to turn a bunch of dull skins into one that is better and worth more.

Apertura del caso

Cases are a popular way of gambling. Since CSGO implemented cases, people started opening them massively. It got increasingly dull over the years until people started releasing websites with many new and custom cases available, bringing back the excitement of opening cases. It is still viral to this day.

Imagine that after opening certain cases, you detest every skin you receive. What should you do with a ton of useless skins? SkinHub provides a skin upgrade to address this issue. You can ensure you’ll obtain the particular skin you desire by giving up skins you don’t want and, if you so choose, sometimes a portion of your balance.

Diseño del sitio

Bloodycase website has one of the cleanest layouts we’ve seen for a case opener. The cases look nice, everything is easy to find, and the chances of getting each item in a case are shown clearly. But there is a cost to this sleek layout. You can’t open cases on the go because the site doesn’t work on mobile.


BloodyCase Payment Methods

bloodycase payment methods

You can deposit money or skins using various methods on the website, including Skins, Crypto, WebMoney, Gift Cards and cards like Visa and Mastercard.

BloodyCase Withdraw Methods

Only skins are used to make withdrawals.

Select the case, then begin spinning and the cosmetics items you won will appear in your Steam inventory.


Is BloodyCase Legit?

BloodyCase is legitimate and safe to wager on, yes. You can use the provably fair system to ensure the fairness of the roles and put your mind at ease. Your credit card or cryptocurrency wallet information will remain secret because BloodyCase never processes payments.
BloodyCase, however, does not offer live help as other websites do; instead, if a problem arises, you can only make contact by email. However, this is not a significant issue considering the small number of issues that can arise for which the website does not offer solutions in the FAQ.


In addition to being reliable, Bloodycase has one of the most attractive case-opening websites we’ve ever seen. There are some of the most fantastic and most reasonably priced cases available, even though there aren’t many withdrawal options.

Características de los casinos

BloodyCase is a csgo gambling site where you can win cool skins with your skins, money you've deposited, and promo codes. It's mostly about opening cases, but it also has a couple of other game modes.

BloodyCase is a legitimate case-betting website that offers enticing incentives to upgrade the skins you already own and to acquire new ones instantly. On their website and Twitter page, they frequently offer giveaways for free credits and cases and run weekly promos for customers who wish to check in frequently.

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