Eggomatic Online Pokie Review

No, you won’t find any other slots like NetEnt’s Eggomatic. It’s different in so many ways that you might even forget you’re playing a slot machine. In the state-of-the-art robotic chicken factory, you need to make four specific eggs with your own hands. Note that this slot is perfect for players who want a different experience than the typical one.


The first thing you will notice is the frustrated look on all the chicken faces. Egg production is relatively low, and so is morale apparently. This is definitely one of the fun aspects of slot machines, because how often do you see a frustrated robot chicken? The second thing you’ll notice is the egg dispenser on the right and the conveyor belt on top. These form part of the main features and will be briefly described. The graphics are simply stunning and very entertaining.

Based on a 5 reel, 20 payline system with bets starting at 20p and going up to $200. The main idea is to break the eggs coming out of the dispenser. But these aren’t just eggs. Each egg has a different way of rewarding. These are the easter eggs you can look forward to:

– Spreading Wilds Egg

– Free Spins Egg

– Coin Win Egg

– Surprise Eggs

How do you break these eggs? Basically, an egg falls on the conveyor belt and lands on one of the rollers. If you get a wild rooster in this role, the egg will drop and crack, revealing your prize.

The ever-expanding Wild Egg turns all diagonal and adjacent symbols into Wilds, meaning big wins. In fact, you can win up to 100x your stake with this special egg if you are lucky. The Free Spins Egg can unlock anywhere from 7 to 50 free spins, but there are even better things. One egg is awarded for each free spin. This means you can trigger more free spins or use any other feature to increase your winnings. Mystery Egg can represent Scatter, Free Spins or Coin Win Egg wild. This is apparently done randomly.

As stated in the request, there are no other slot machines like this one and don’t expect to find one. The whole philosophy of the game is fun, like a breath of fresh air. The colors, animations and gameplay will keep you coming back for more. Eggomatic is considered medium to high in terms of variance, giving you regular payouts.

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